What is Quote Of The Day?

Quote of the Day is a feature we have on the Books Board every day. It is intended as a little "pick me up" for visitors to the BB and an opportunity for you to share your favourite quotes with the rest of the gang! The quote is short and sweet (no more than 10 lines FROM THE BOOK, NOT LINES ON YOUR MONITOR, and that doesn't mean 10 sentences *G*).

QOTD is not CHAPTER of the day *G*. The quote is CONSECUTIVE - no snipping here and there and bouncing from section to section.

The QOTD is a stand alone quote, for pure enjoyment only.

QOTD is not a mini re-read.

If you are interested in doing a week of quotes (from Sunday to Saturday) please contact me and we'll set up a week that works for you, and I will send you complete instructions on the quoting guidelines and copyright notices etc.
Take care.

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