About Discussions on the Books Board

Several years ago, before Lallybroch existed, Judie, our head hoser, used to frequent other books boards. She grew weary of defending Jamie and other characters in the series. She just wanted to have fun with other people who enjoyed The Books, so she decided to start her own book board about the Outlander series. This was the beginning of LOL as we know it today.

Lallybroch is a haven for like-minded souls.

The Books Board is for the friendly discussion of Diana Gabaldon's books by her fans. Please keep in mind that differing opinions exist and that all opinions have merit--even ones that differ from yours *g*. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.... Feel a song coming on? *g*

In other words, we are all friends, eh? It's ok to go ahead and post questions about The Books. The discussions are fun and entertaining. Often we have an 'Aha Moment' and see things in a different light after hearing others' perspectives. Cool! If we can all just have a care how we express ourselves, and avoid making blanket statements which can offend, then we can all participate and enjoy the discussions that take place here.

When discussions get spirited, we need to remember that we will never convince everyone to see things exactly as we do, so we need to recognize when the horse is dead and stop the beating *g*. Puir wee horsey. And, most importantly....

If you feel that your emotions are involved in a discussion, then please take a moment before hitting the approve button.

Questions, comments or concerns can be addressed to:

Judie at yodelf - at - lallybroch.com, and/or charyl - at - lallybroch.com. You need to change the ' - at - ' to the @ symbol.

Live Long and Prosper. *g* Be a firefly--shine your life like a light, and don't forget to be hosed!

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