A Gallery of Outlandish Covers


These covers were scanned from our own books and tapes, and gathered around in the web, and we know we're still missing a lot of them. We'd love to get new additions to this gallery, and if you can scan a new cover for us, please let us know! The same if you find something wrong in here... :-)

blue bulletThe LOL Gallery of Covers

Page 1 - US covers[updated 05.08.19]
Page 2 - UK covers [updated 05.08.19]
Page 3 - German covers [updated 05.08.20]
Page 4 - French and Canadian covers [updated 05.08.20]
Page 5 - Dutch and Spanish covers [updated 02.09.29]
Page 6 - Korean, Japanese, Polish, Swedish, Italian, Russian and Finnish [updated 05.09.15]
Page 7 - Tapes and CDs [updated 01.11.28]
Page 8 - Anthologies' covers [updated 05.08.21]
Page 9 - Advanced Reader Copies
Page10 - The Outlandish Companion, Lord John and the Private Matter [updated 05.08.21]
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