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Jamie in the cover of the 1st paperback UK edition of "Voyager"

James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, was born at twilight on the first of May, in the year of our Lord 1721, at the estate of Broch Tuarach, also called Lallybroch, near the small village of Broch Mordha in the Highlands of Scotland, the son of Brian Fraser and Ellen MacGibbon MacKenzie.

His life and adventures, and those of his family, friends and enemies, are told by Diana Gabaldon in the Outlander series to the delight of all her fans, especially those lucky enough to become obsessed with Jamie Fraser.

Coming later (because we're sure it won't be soon) we'll have, hopefully, a timeline for Jamie.

Meanwhile, we gathered some info, we hope you'll find interesting.

According to Mr. Willoughby,  Jamie was born in the year of the ox (1721). Click here for the characteristics of those born in the year of the ox. It's an external link. You will have to press the back button in your browser to return to Lallybroch.

A note from Diana Gabaldon about Jamie's year of birth: He was born on May 1, 1721. So whatever age that makes him whenever...that's what he is. (Any perceived deviances may safely be attributed to copy-editing errors. <g>

Jamie in the cover of the Swedish edition of Dragonfly in Amber

If you favor traditional astrology over Chinese, take a look at Jamie's astrological chart. You probably won't understand the picture, as I don't, but it looks pretty. Below the graphic is a detailed analysis of Jamie's astrological data. Like in all astrological charts I've seen, it says wonderful things about the person analyzed. Only, in Jamie's case, we know it's all true!!!

Thanks to Lady MelissaJ, you can now see the original Jamie Fraser, who inspired Diana Gabaldon into picking the setting for Outlander. But it seems that there's another man who's even closer to Diana Gabaldon's idea of Jamie. See for yourself: Jason Flemyng, Herself's Jamie?

And thanks to Lady Alexandra, and to her DH, Laird Daibhidh, we can now listen to Jamie's words in Jamie's accent: Scottish sound files.


  Jamie on the stepback of the 1st US paperback edition of Dragonfly in Amber

Just what is it about James Alexander Malcolm McKenzie Fraser that makes him so special to us? Why do we consider him the ultimate hero, lover, husband, etc.?

If you're wondering about these things, too, then you might like to read the answers that some of the Ladies of Lallybroch gave to this question, when it was asked in the 3rd issue of the Ladies of Lallybroch newsletter, contributed by Lady Val K: What is it about Jamie? This newsletter is no longer being produced, but our curiosity hasn't waned.

If you have your own reasons for loving Jamie, and since you're here it's very likely that you do, then Lallybroch is the best place to share them. Just follow the links on the homepage to the Lallybroch message boards. That is where most of our discussions take place now. That is where we never tire of pondering all things having to do with our favorite red-haired Highlander. Tell us how you feel about Jamie Fraser. Trust us, we can understand!


Jamie in the stepback of the 1st paperback US edition of "Outlander"

Each Outlander addict has her, or his, own image of how Jamie looks.

Unfortunately for us, the covers of the books don't help much, the worst offender being, no doubt, the stepback of the first Dell paperback edition of Dragonfly in Amber, depicting a Jamie who had a nose job with a not very good surgeon, and who's obviously having a bad hair day... With that, we ladies can all sympathize, at least.

There's not a vestige of the slanted Fraser eyes or the knife-blade nose either, on the stepback of the first Dell paperback edition of Outlander, though at least the short hair is accurate, because when Claire met him, Jamie did have short hair.

The Swedish covers also have portraits of Jamie and Claire. In "The Outlandish Companion" Diana Gabaldon describes "Jamie" in the painting from the cover of Dragonfly in Amber that you can see further up on this page as "a dark and brooding gentleman with a mustache and a gaucho hat, evidently just in from riding the pampas." The cover of Outlander is even more extraordinary... Jamie, a bearded gentleman with all indications of having been 23 years old a loooong time ago, kindly supports a faltering Claire, who apparently has just escaped from some Sultan's harem. In fact, little wonder she's faltering. Walking around the Highlands barefoot and with her plump partridges taking a rather conspicuous flight, she must be half-dead with cold...

The other two covers that I did find with a Jamie picture opted wisely for the Jamie-in-the-distance look.

But the Jamie holding Claire on the back of the Dragonfly in Amber hardcover doesn't look like he's 6'4, and he must be wearing Murtagh's kilt....a wee bit short for Jamie, unless Claire was a fan of the mini-kilt.

Jamie in the cover of the Swedish edition of Dragonfly in Amber

All things considered, my favorite is the Jamie-in-the-mist on the cover of the first UK paperback edition of Voyager. Jamie's hair is more brown than fiery red, but at least the kilt looks good, and you'll agree it was a major improvement when compared with the cover of Outlander, that featured... *gasp* Frank! (I would put the picture of Frank here, just for curiosity sake, but I find it a sacrilege, on a page devoted to Jamie!)

As you see, there's no perfect Jamie cover, but we thought you'd might like to have a look at them anyway...

P. S.: If you think the pictures of Jamie on the covers of the books are bad, take a deep breath and click here for the appalling depiction of Jamie on the box of the Outlander Unabridged Tapes! I had forgotten about this one! At least the standing stones are pretty...

[For portraits of Claire, click here to see the LOL Gallery of Covers]


Jamie on the cover of the US hardcover edition of Dragonfly in Amber

Finally, some time ago the Ladies and Laddies of Lallybroch contributed with their Favorite Jamie-isms, quotes by Jamie or about Jamie, from the first four books in the Outlander series.

Their selections, are now online, lovingly compiled and arranged by Lady Valerie L. We hope you'll enjoy reading them, now and any time you're in need of a quick Jamie-fix.

Thank you to all who participated, and thank you, Lady Valerie L for an outstanding job.

* Favorite Jamie-isms *

Outlander Dragonfly In Amber Voyager Drums of Autumn The Fiery Cross
Outlander Dragonfly in Amber Voyager Drums of Autumn The Fiery Cross