The  Lallybroch  Etching



Designed specially by Jane Braithwaite of Braithwaite Studios,

based on the original painting ”Lallybroch”, by Joana Van Zeller.

Ah, Lallybroch, beautifully brought to life from the painting by Joana Van Zeller, and carefully reproduced in glass. Each piece is etched in leaded glass to highlight the details of Home, nestled amongst the heather and hills of Northern Scotland. You can feel the presence of the Frasers and the Murrays, living and loving and awaiting the return of the Laird and His Lady Lallybroch.

This lovely piece of original artwork is created at Braithwaite Studios, by folks who spend a lot of time reading and listening to the adventures of Jamie and Claire, and have, at the least, a deep connection to the stories woven so deftly by Diana Gabaldon.  

It is an honor to be asked to create a limited edition of this pattern for the collections of the other fans of this wonderful series. We hope to enhance the enjoyment of everyone who relates to the magic of Scotland and the intrigue and excitement of traveling through the standing stones.

Jane Braithwaite

LallybrochTM Etching

(Photo by Lorri Troughton)


by Joana Van Zeller


To see a larger picture of the etching, click here.

To see a picture of a cherry base, click here.

     When he reached the double doors, the dogs panting at our heels, Jamie hesitated. "Should we knock?" I asked, a bit nervous.
     He looked at me in astonishment. "It's my home," he said, and pushed the door open.

Outlander, Chapter 26, The Laird's Return. © 1991, Diana Gabaldon. All rights reserved.